Monday, April 21, 2008

Reaction Time

I used to feel a lot of anxiety about situations that seemed beyond my control. It was overwhelming. Recently, however, through the process of growing up and learning to relax, I've learned just how in control I really am.

Maybe I can't control what is going to happen to me when I step outside my door (especially when it involves other people) but there is one thing I can control- my reaction. It's been this strange liberating revelation for me- realizing that it's not what happens to me that matters, but how I react to it.

I can relax because I know I react well, with grace and class, to most situations. In the event of one where I won't react so well, I make sure that I communicate with the people around me if the situation can't be avoided.

This blog is a reaction to my life.
It's my choice to publicly react to the experiences of my life, both positive and negative.
Because it is so public, I'm also allowing you (my faithful reader/person who googled "Durkheim" or "strippers in Lawrence") to react to my experiences as well.

I value your reactions. I respect your reactions.
All I ask from you is that you do the same.
Thanks. =)


Katherine said...

Hmmm... my blog reader let me read a post that, apparently, is no longer public. And here I was, all excited because I knew to what it referred!

Saturday was awesome. Lemme know when we're going to Eden Alley.

Anonymous said...

Lindsey, I don't know you very well in real life, nor have I known you at all for very long, but from what I've seen, you really DO react with grace and class.