Tuesday, April 8, 2008

I'll Probably Delete This Tomorrow

You know you should probably just go to bed when you find yourself composing a cleverly disguised message in the form of haiku.

So many revelations today, all of them I wish I could share with you...
I could change your life, help you be happier.
The question is though, can I walk the walk?

First revelation- French toast sticks to not make strangeness go away, they make your tummy hurt.

Second revelation- Facebook will only serve to frustrate. I wish there was a "send metta" button instead of a "send message" button...because that's what I'm doing whether you know it or not. All of you.

Third and final revelation of the evening- My subconscious is a brat. A month and a half after deleting your number out of my phone and thinking I didn't remember it, I dreamed it. Yeah.

Sometimes a girl just has to go to bed and hope that Wednesday will bring better things (like potential adventures and/or future photoblogs! Yay! :-)

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