Friday, April 18, 2008

To sleep: perchance to dream...

Ay, there's the rub.

We studied Carl Jung last night in my Theories and Method's seminar. Interesting stuff really...the archetypes, collective unconscious and the idea that we create the Deity archetype and religion as a way to keep us from actually having religious experiences... Anyway.

Maybe it was Jung, maybe it was that yummy brown sugar cinnamon tortilla thing I made right before bed, but I had crazy dreams last night.

The craziest of them all was the one that I had to wake myself up from, because I didn't feel like dying in my dream.

I dreamed I had traveled to L.A. to try and get back together with my ex who lives out there. I spent the first half of the dream flirting with him and things seemed to be going along well, until his female roommates got home. (Ryan you're going to love this) Turns out he was in a relationship with his three female roommates, and they hated me. I started screaming and crying as the girls knocked me around and threw my stuff out of the apartment. I yelled to Ryan that I was leaving L.A. on the next flight out and never coming back, but he calmly reminded me we had tickets to a dinner theater, and I should stick around.

At the theater I started getting that creepy "you shouldn't be here" intuition feeling. And sure enough, not 5 minutes into the come the mutants. Everyone panics and starts running for the doors (which of course are locked) as these crazy lizard things start slaughtering people left and right. I was running along the balcony of the theater, avoiding the mutants when I noticed there were people with video cameras.

As it turns out, they were filming a horror movie but it was real life horror, and people were really dying. I thought to myself "I've got to get out of here, this is just not right!" as the back of the theater burst into flames. Out of the flames flew this skeleton creature with a pumpkin on his head, on fire himself and laughing maniacally.

That's when I realized- "I'm dreaming, and there is no way in hell I'm letting Jack from the Nightmare Before Christmas be the reason I die."

Ugh. A night full of dreams always leaves me more exhausted than when I laid down.
Maybe I'll interpret this later...


Pamcasso said...

Yeah,I don't no maybe there's something in the air, or brought on by the earthquake that didn't wake me up, but I had weird dreams too. I can't remember much, but at least one of them was sexual and with someone I shouldn't be doing that with LOL. That was a lot of sharing, sorry.

Now I'm really glad that I didn't honk or yell at the girl that looked a bit like you- my intuitions were better than I thought!

Anonymous said...

Woah! Usually when I dream, they don't follow very many of the rules of nature (like morphing terrain, inhuman abilities like flying and incredible intuition, and the strange creation and manipulation of matter and energy). They're always crazy, but they're usually pretty awesome, too.