Sunday, April 6, 2008

Photo Blog- The Type of Day You Journal About

Yesterday was pretty much the perfect day...the type of day you journal about.

After a busy morning at Pier 1, I headed to KC to spend the afternoon with Kat. We decided a few weeks ago over sushi that we both wanted to get a little body modification done, and this was going to be the day to do it. It was an absolutely beautiful day to get lost on foot in Westport (Think anyone's going to notice we've walked past three times?) before finally arriving at Freaks on 39th.

Freaks on 39th is an old house with orange paint and blue trim and stairs that creak. Unlike some tattoo and piercing places it isn't scary hospital sterile with nasty fluorescent lighting, but it still felt very very clean. The staff there was awesome, and even though Kat and I don't exactly look like we belong in a place called "Freaks" we felt very welcome.

Kat decided to get a tattoo of The Uffington White Horse (click the link to learn more) and after the tattoo artist cleaned up her sketch a bit and made the stencil, she was ready to go-

Kat looks surprisingly calm. The tattoo guys were nice enough to let her listen to the comedian Demetri Martin while she got inked which was awesome.

"My eyes didn't even water!"

She sent me these pictures this morning so you can see the finished results.
I think it looks gorgeous!

I'm not quite sure there's anything I want permanently inked on my body just yet, but I do enjoy the "wake-up" I get from piercing, so I decided to get another hole put in my body. After running through the gamut of possible piercings in my mind, I realized there wasn't much I could/want to get pierced. Pier 1 doesn't allow facial piercings (I wear a discreet one in my nose when I work) and I'm not completely keen on getting something pierced that I couldn't show on here. ;-)

I'm still gauging the first hole in my ears, so I decided to go ahead and get a second hole in one of my ear lobes so I could gauge that too. Most ear piercings use a 20 or 18 gauge needle, but I decided to go ahead and get it pierced with a 12 gauge. Click the picture below to see what size the different gauges are-

Jeremy at Freaks is an awesome piercer. If I ever get anything done again, I'll have him do it. I felt so comfortable and everything was clean. We shared our life stories and discussed how 19 year olds are bad news, and best of all, I barely even felt the needle go in. Check it out-
Now that it's all said and done I wish I would have had him use a 10 gauge, because I barely even felt this one.
I bought some "organic" hand made spirals for my first holes as well. Goofy picture of me, but I love the new ear jewelry!
The new piercing and my 6 gauge tapers.

Kat and I completed our perfect day with dinner at the Bluebird Bistro- mmm organic food and vegan orange cake! It was such a gorgeous day outside, and it's so great to spend time with a great girl friend. I'm so lucky to have a friend like Kat! Thanks again for having an adventure with me!


Kassie said...

Tell Kat I like her tattoo! And I like that you got a second piercing in you ears. I've been thinking about getting second holes since I can't get my nose pierced. I'd really rather get my nose pierced though. I think it would compliment my conservative, straight-laced look really well. :) Maybe you should talk to my mom about how nose piercings don't equal ostracism from society. ;)

Katherine said...

Thanks for yet another awesome day, and an equally awesome memory for us to ramble about in the (not so distant) future. :]

Pamcasso said...

Wow- love your earrings- sort of like a seahorse to me... and Kat's tattoo is awesome. I really want to get one sometime, but I'm waiting to have the right inspiration for a design. Cool!

Angel said...

i usually pierce and gauge my ears myself... im working on 6 lobe holes i have 5 cartilege piercings and im getting more exotic ear piercings done professionally