Tuesday, April 15, 2008

An Experiment in Live-Blogging: Women and Violence Class

Inspired by one of my favorite snarky pop-culture/politics/feministy blogs, Jezebel, I've decided to try my hand at live-blogging. While they usually live blog TV events like the finale of "Rock of Love" (thank goodness he picked Ambre!), I've decided to live-blog my Women and Violence Class. I usually sit here and surf the blogs anyway, so by doing this I'm almost taking notes!

If you're reading live, refresh every few minutes or so...or just check back later! Let's see how this goes!

2:06- I'm calling this good and doing the obnoxious pack up early thing. Thanks for reading! :-)

2:02- I picked a boring class to live-blog. The next live-blogging experiment will be better. I promise.

1:59- I still haven't exactly figured out which girl it is in this class that is on your committee, Shawn. It makes me a little nervous...lest you think I'm more of a man-hating feminist than I actually am. ;-)

1:54- Ohh no, I'm about to step back from my feminist soap box and reinforce gender stereotypes. Is it not feminist to admit that yes, women are for the most part physically weaker than men?

1:49- Men are more likely than women to be physically assaulted in any situation. Hmm. Sucks to be you.

1:48- I want this book. Pllleeeeeeeeaaaaaassseee?

1:42- Oh the allure of facebook...This just in: 5 of my friends are attending the Inauguration Street Fair at Drury, 6 of my friends changed their profile pictures and Rachel added "The Nines" to her favorite movies.

1:39- Other than in Lawrence and Topeka it is perfectly legal in the state of Kansas to fire someone from their job or kick them out of housing because of their sexual orientation. Also, us Kansans didn't evolve from apes. Noooo sirreee!

1:36- Moving on to violence and homosexual relationships...

1:33- I can't stop it...here it comes...feminist word vomit. "We have to make violence against men funny because it reinforces the patriarchal ideal. This society is going to try and sustain itself because we don't know anything different. In order for it to work, men have to be the strong ones and we have to ridicule and ostracize the men who just aren't manly enough."

1:29- Oh no. Michael Buble has taken over my brain. Chances of me coming back from this are slim... Well, its a marvelous night for a moondance...

1:27- There are 5 laptops in class right now. The Cosmo hating girls up front and to my left are IMing each other, the girl with the dirty hair in front of me is playing an online game, the future lawyer next to me is researching and I'm liveblogging. Usually there's a girl up front playing chess on hers but she's not here today (she usually loses). Memo to me- When I'm a GTA, watch out for laptops.

1:24- *Sigh* The girl who is attacking Cosmo just won't stop. I want to say something, but the last time I responded to something she said, she basically yelled at me and almost cried. People in this class aren't accustomed to the technique of ripping people apart that I learned at Drury.

1:21- Does the fact that Cosmo is full of articles like "Make Him Beg for it, TONIGHT!" mean that they can't have serious articles? Discuss...

1:19- I can't believe I just stood up for Cosmo and called it fair and balanced. Fair and balanced like Fox News...

1:16- Oh! Here we go! Girl up front just admitted to beating her boyfriend.

1:14- One of the articles we read for class today was from Cosmopolitan magazine- "My girlfriend beat me up". The prof. just opened up the floor for discussion and the ad hominems against Cosmo begin.

1:10- We're discussing a judge using a penis pump during multiple trials. Wait? I missed something...Oh okay post-traumatic stress disorder. That sort of makes sense?

1:08- I am already horribly distracted by the lack of showering in this class. The girl down the way from me smells like stale cigarettes. The girls in front of me haven't washed their collective hair in...well...forever. Gross.

1:05- Class today is dealing with domestic violence in homosexual couples as well as domestic violence against men by women. This should be interesting. I can't help but wonder how long it will be before someone confesses to beating up their own boyfriend, because there's usually someone who has had the experience we're talking about. Heck, I guess it could be me who confesses as I wasn't exactly the paragon of non-violence that weekend that Mark dumped me...


Joshua said...

I see you are studying Religious studies you might to check out my blog for research on how God speaks today.

- Joshua

stephanie said...

I officially vote yes to more live blogging. It gives me something to read between database entries... woo...

Eli said...

There is nothing that can save a soul from Bublé's silky voice and godlike charisma. Luckily, I don't know of anyone that seriously wants to be saved from him. :)

That's one of my favorite xkcd's ever! Also, as silly and "new-age" as it seems to say it sometimes, I really do think that dreams can have a good deal of significance and relevance to our waking lives.