Sunday, April 20, 2008

Photo Blog: Operation: The 9th Saturday

Do you remember the thrill of the field trip? A chance to get out of school for half a day (or a whole day if you were really lucky) and go do something "educational". Today Kat, Drew, Shawn and myself re-imagined the field trip.

The best field trips we took in middle school were through SEEK (the gifted program). More specifically, some of the best field trips were to the Coterie theater at Crown Center in Kansas City. We'd have lunch at the food court, waste some money at the candy shop and drool over the fudge. Then we'd see the play and once it was all said and done, hop back on the big yellow bus and head back to Westridge.

I have fond/strange memories of the Coterie. "The Lord of the Flies" clearly sticks out in my memory, as well as one sort of Native American style story about Coyote. But does anyone else remember the play about the three characters who want to kill themselves? It was some sort of strange fairy tale type thing. All I can remember is "No shoes! No shoes! I refuse to wear shoes!" Oh who knows...I might have made it up.

Anyway, back to today... After Shawn and I marveled over the changes at the CC food court (What no Maggie Moo's?) and reminded ourselves why we're glad we're not teenagers any more, we met up with Kat and Drew and grabbed lunch at D'Bronx.

Hey you two...break it up!

After lunch, we headed to the main attraction- "Sideways Stories from Wayside School" at the Coterie! I loved these books back in the day, so needless to say, I was very excited!
Free book with every ticket purchase! Yay!

Two very excited theater go-ers. I think we were the oldest people there who weren't escorting children. Shawn had the brilliant idea to try and steal a child, but we talked him out of it.

The show was fun- a cute set, a crazy cast of characters and (minus the little girl next to us who screamed her head off as soon as Mrs. Gorp entered) a good time was had by all. All and all a very successful twenty-something field trip.

After we left Kat and Drew, Shawn and I adventured into the city, hitting up Westport to do a little vintage shopping. That quickly evolved into a basement full of scary fish, me petting a huge rat and compliments on our sunglasses at Starbucks.

The Saturday only got better as Shawn and I went our separate ways only to re-convene later over poppyseed chicken/tofu casserole and Rock of Love 2. Shawn worked on something I'm very excited to share with you due time.

A very good 9th Saturday. Thanks to everyone involved!
Oh and Shawn, I'll take one for the universe any time. :-)

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Eli said...

What an awesome set! That looks like it would have been a fun show to perform. I was more of a Bailey School Kids boy myself, I'm sure Wayside was good, too. :P

Also, that's a huge pizza!