Tuesday, April 8, 2008

It's A Great Day To Be A Jayhawk!

Dear University of Kansas men's basketball team and fans,

You are welcome. You see, I'm pretty sure Shawn and I are the reason you won.

When I was listening to you on the radio at Pier 1 and on the drive home, you were winning. But when I started watching you on TV at Shawn's house, you all started losing; losing so badly that Shawn suggested we go get a movie.

So while we were out and about and not watching you all on television, you all came from behind to win in overtime The precedent has been set- I am no longer allowed to watch the games on TV. :-)

Damn. I'm so disappointed.

So um, congrats to the men's basketball team...and here's hoping that some day we will live in a society that doesn't deify athletes.

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Fraz said...

In retrospect though, physical prowess has always been elevated in society's view throughout time... and you should have kept watching ;)