Friday, April 4, 2008

Photo Blog/This I Believe: HAIR!

So a few weeks ago (when I posted the photo blog of Operation: Bald Eagle) Eli left me this comment-

"...I'm growing my hair out. I realize that it will be a change, but I guess I count it as being too inconsequential to be a satisfactory change in my lifestyle. A few of my friends seem to change their hair whenever they get restless or stressed out, and I don't really have a problem with it, I just don't understand it. Maybe you could shed some light on that in a future 'This I believe'? : )"

Well here at Lindsey in Lawrence we like to grant requests... so Eli, this is for you!


Of all the things I know and believe, of everything I have seen and experienced, there is one thing that remains constant- my hair is going to change. (Like what I did there? Yeah, me too.)

As I told Eli, hair is one of those things we can control. Women (and some men) tend to change their hair when they go through changes in their lives. In the Old Testament shaving your head was a sign of mourning, and I have friends who have shaved their head as a sign of repentance or a sort of shedding of an old skin. Not too long ago, knowing that my relationship was over and there was nothing I could do about it, I splurged on a hair cut. If he was going to dump me, then at least I was going to know I looked good while he did it. Control, control, control.

On the other hand, some people are really attached to their hair. Quite honestly, I don't understand it and any insights provided would be greatly appreciated.

My hair, for me, represents different times in my life. As my life changes, so does my hair. Short hair with blond streaks? Freshman/sophomore year of high school. The incident with the black hair dye? William Woods- when our sorority bathroom constantly smelled like ammonia. Etc, etc, etc....

"Ah, that's interesting but where are the photos?" you ask. "This is supposed to be a photo blog!" Glad you asked...Observe the constant change in my life!

Aww, little Lindsey! So cute!

Little Bridget, even cuter!

Ack! Who thought the perm was a good idea?
Yes, Leia and I won a look-alike contest
What's worse, the hair or the jeans?

I dyed my hair black for a show where I wound up wearing a headdress and a wig.
Go figure...
The things we do for theatre eh?

Wait. Who let me get a perm again?

This one was taken roughly a year ago...

June 2007 before....
And after!
I'm not sure we could still win that look-alike contest...

So there you constant change. I'm not sure how much light I shed on the issue, but at the very least it's good for a laugh ;-)


Katherine said...

Isn't it amazing how we look so much older now, and yet so the same?

Also, jeans.

Eli said...

I guess when I think about it, I've had a lot of different hairstyles throughout the different times in my life (including a time when I had a bleached, parted-down-the-middle-and-spiked-out-like-crazy look [] when I thought I was a punk). I've always associated those haircuts with certain times in my life, but I never really realized that it could be more significant than a coincidence. Thanks!

stephanie said...

and now i want a haircut. damn you. but well done.

evanescent_illusions said...

So I just found this (looking at piercings, ironically. The "HAIR!" caught my eye and now I'm hooked on your blog.) I gotta say, the theatre comment made me laugh, mostly for how TRUE it is. Sadly, "the things we do for theatre" in my life applies more to the fact that my hair has to be a *heavy sigh* NATURAL color most of the time. As it is my hair is currently black/purple/hot pink and I am not looking forward to going back to brown. *Shrug* such is my life. Anyway, thanks for giving me another blog to follow. I enjoy it most thoroughly.