Friday, March 28, 2008

Photo Blog-O-Rama! Pt. 2- Sushi Train of DOOM!

(Not just sounded sort of catchy.)

Another day, another brain drain. This time it was a discussion in my Women and Violence class about the feminization of society leading to emasculinization of men and whether or not men actually can communicate about emotions/care about women without feeling the need to subject them to paternalization (lots of -zations!).

Then tonight in Theories and Methods we had an in depth conversation about sacrifice, violence, religion and the inherent anger in all mankind, which resulted in me agreeing to write an email to Rene Girard concerning his opinion on virtual human sacrifice (i.e. video games and gory movies) as an outlet for violence and whether or not he hates his daddy. *Whew*
(Side note to SB- Now maybe you understand why I thought it was "really cool" to stare at the screen while you worked on Illustrator for an hour? ;-) )

Anyway... all of that was a round-about way of saying that you, dear reader, get another photo blog! YAAAAAAAY!

You may remember that back in February I gave up fish for Lent. I wish I could say I was completely successful and made it the whole 40 days, but that would be against my new "Honesty is the best policy" policy. I only slipped up three times because I desperately needed protein and tuna salad just sounded so much better than beans or eggs. But technically Sundays in Lent aren't included in the count, so I did go for 40 days. Technically...

Kat and Meghann helped me break my Lenten fast on Wednesday with some yummy sushi from the Sakura sushi train. Observe...

The train rounds the corner and the anticipation is overwhelming! I drooled...just a little.

What to choose? What to choose?!

The fast gets officially broken with a piece of salmon nigiri. Mmmm!

Happy sushi eaters- Meghann and Katherine!

A job well done!

The night could have ended with tattoos and a possible new piercing, but alas Freaks on Broadway was busy (on a Wednesday night?). Perhaps that's a good thing though, because in the near future I'll have more photo-blog material for those brain dead days.


Eli said...

First: what a fun adventure!

Second: No one was really agreeing with univocal language, it was more the case that people couldn't make sense of why it felt wrong.

P.S. Thanks for reading and understanding! I don't know how I let a Religion graduate student slip under my radar! :)

kayla was here. said...

Well, I'll be at Freaks on Saturday evening if you wanna reschedule.

Just sayin'.

Pamcasso said...

Thanks for the blogroll help. Do you have a tattoo yet??