Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Photo Blog-O-Rama!

My thinking power has been expended on papers/research/preparing for class this week, so dear readers I give you a photo blog!

Leia and I decided to put our modeling skills to good use over Easter weekend-

Dear Tyra Banks,

Leia Marie and I would like to show you why we should be America's Next Top Models.

Reason #1: We can do the snobby "high fashion" aloof look

Reason #2: We have the acting thing down. Check out these sad faces!

Reason #3: Leia is pretty much the cutest 13 year old dog ever... Seriously, what more do you need?

Tune in tomorrow when Lindsey in Lawrence brings you adventures with the Sakura Sushi Train.

Same blog time, same blog channel.


Fraz said...

these are the moments that make me realize how badly I need a puppy again...

lindsey said...

Fraz- If you'd like a 13 year old deaf and slightly blind Shih Tzu who has bladder control issues and is addicted to steroids, I'm sure my mom would LOVE to give her to you. :-)

kayla was here. said...

The dog takes cues really well (1st picture.) Hopefully when you guys sign on they don't do anything dramatic with her hair because I love it how it is now. And I'm pretty sure Nigel will love her, too, since they're both.... (wait for it...) "Bark"ers.

Behind the Smoke and Glass said...

Wow Lindsey! I never knew that you had so much talent...model and dog trainer. lol.

Hey I just wanted to stop by and say hey and I miss ya...well I said it. Now I can go...I'm going...going....bye.

Anonymous said...

awww, beautifully done. miss you. i will definitely need a night of sushi/drinks/coffee/shopping/whatever when i'm done with the craziness of all this traveling.