Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Don't need nothin' but a good time...

It's official, I need to stop eating before I go to bed. I'm going to blame this dream on the nectarine/strawberry juice and the pizza. Oh and my unfortunate love of crappy reality "dating" shows...

I dreamed last night that I was a contestant on "Rock of Love", you know- that VH1 reality show with Bret Michaels from Poison as the "eligible bachelor". I apparently had been playing the game pretty well, as the other girls in the house seemed to hate me for winning a fair amount of the "challenges" and "dates" with Bret. I spent the first part of the dream scheming with a few of the other contestants about to get the girls we didn't want in the house anymore eliminated.

Everything seemed to be going well, until we reached the nightly "elimination". You can imagine my shock when Bret told me my "tour ends here". Apparently I'm a pretty sore loser in my dreams as I pulled Bret aside and in some sort of brilliantly scripted monologue (that I wish I could remember!) convinced him that I'm the one. I think I even agreed to get breast implants if he'd keep me around.

The dream continued on for a little while longer until I got kidnapped by a producer who looked like Lyle Lovett and I thought- "Wait...Lyle Lovett? I must be dreaming!" and woke up.

So what is my subconscious trying to tell me?
I can persevere and compromise to get what I want?
Even the seemingly unattainable is within my reach?

Or am I just an attention whore? ;-)

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Eli said...

No, it's definitely telling you that Lyle Lovett is the secret puppetmaster of your entire life. Rise up against your shadow king, and step into the full light of the sun. Lindsey! :P