Monday, March 24, 2008

The Easter Bunny Gypped Me...

It's not fair.
I mean how else am I supposed to celebrate the arrival of spring and the start of Christianity unless I'm laying sugar-coma-ed and twitching on the living room floor surrounded by half-eaten hollow milk bunnies and Starburst jelly beans?

Soo...Easter thoughts-

Looking around church this morning I realized just how much we need spring time celebrations. We need an Easter or spring equinox or whatever celebration to help us throw off the dull snowy winter and celebrate new life.

Maybe Christianity stole it from the pagans, but this morning at service I was glad they did. People were cheery and smiley and wearing bright colors and we got to yell "Alleluia!" I always forget spring is right around the corner and I especially forget how much I love it. This morning, snickering my way through "In the Garden" and surrounded by generations of the people I love, was the perfect way to usher it in.


I have this little tradition that I started way back in high school. Every Holy Weekend I listen to the 2nd CD from the Jesus Christ Superstar soundtrack. It starts out with the Last Supper and ends with Judas' death and the crucifixion and it always put me in that sort of Maundy Thursday/Good Friday mindset.

I'll admit it (because this blog is apparently is where I admit things) I cheated this year. Sorry Jesus, but I wanted to skip ahead to Easter because I was in such a good mood that instead of doing my usual second CD run down, I just listened to my favorites. Yeah, yeah I know...

Those of you who know me well probably know that JCS is my favorite musical because I so strongly identify with Andrew Lloyd Weber's portrayal of Judas. However, this time through my favorites I actually listened to the other characters and was struck by something interesting- each of them is desperately trying to make Jesus into what they want him to be.

Mary doesn't know how to love him- he's "just a man" right? Simon the Zealot is looking for a messiah who will over throw the Romans. Herod wants to be entertained by a miracle worker. Pilate wants an innocent man that he doesn't have to punish...etc...etc... And each of them gets frustrated or disappointed when that's not who/what he is. Mary goes so far as to ask (with Peter) "This was unexpected/What do I do now?/Could we start again please?" when things don't turn out like what she had thought.

It made me wonder about the congregation sitting around me in church this morning. What are they expecting and looking for? Who do they want Jesus to be? And more importantly... are they finding what they're looking for? 100 people in church and I bet you I would have received 100 different answers.

That's the beauty (and frustration) of religion.

In other news- I just broke a glass candle holder all over my bathroom floor and I don't want to clean it up. That was never my job.


Themindtaker said...

That's the beauty (and frustration) of religion.

Amen! (seriously)

Eli said...

I wish I had been driving! I only live thirty minutes away from Drury, and as an RA I had to be back by noon. :(

I've never listened to Jesus Christ Superstar. I think I heard about it around the same time that I heard about Donnie Osmond playing in Joseph in the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, and that really didn't appeal to me, so I think I equated the two in my mind. I'll have to give it a listen sometime soon!