Wednesday, March 19, 2008

A Model Cross-Stitcher

Check it out!!
What is it you ask? That ladies and gentlemen is the first 201 stitches of the 229,450 stitches that will make up my cross-stitch opus. It's the top left corner of the ceiling of the room in DaVinci's "Last Supper".

Yeah yeah I'm a nerd, but it's pretty exciting to be roughly 1/1147 of the way there. Here's the bigger picture-
It looks pretty impressive until you realize that the majority of the aida cloth is rolled up and folded under on the scroll frame. Like I said, if I finish this before I get my Ph.D., I'll be pleasantly surprised.

In other news-

The weather here in Lawrence was gorgeous today. I was blessed enough to have a wonderful lunch/Mass street coffee with Kassie, and afterwards I put my iPod on and went on a long walk. You can always tell at Pier 1 when I've been watching too much "America's Next Top Model" as I start strutting around with my hand on my hip like I'm on a catwalk. Apparently I was still in model mode today, because as I rounded the corner of the sidewalk on to busy 15th street I decided to treat the next 3 blocks up to my apartment as a long runway.

I noticed something interesting as I walked fiercely to the tune of I believe it was the "1812 Overture"- of the 20 or so cars that passed, only 2 people looked at me. Now you may say "Well yeah, you're no big deal...just some pedestrian", but it was surprising to me.

I realized that I'm so hyper aware of everyone else around me- the vibes I'm getting, the conversations I'm over-hearing, the body language I'm seeing- and I just figured everyone else is the same way. I assumed everyone else is just as acutely aware of the people around them. But I think what is more true is that most people are too wrapped up in their own lives and own concerns to notice other people. Not that there's anything wrong with was just something I'd never thought of before.

It's that sort of realization I find so freeing. If the majority of people driving down the street don't really care what you do, why worry about it?

If you need me, I'll be out walking my new runway. I'm the girl in the huge cheap sunglasses walking to the beat of "The Anvil Chorus". See you out there....or will I?

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