Thursday, August 2, 2007

Where the Wind Comes Sweepin' Down the Plain..

So Lindsey in Lawrence becomes Lindsey in Tulsa for a few days as I drag Marko Polo home with me for the weekend to face my fear of fish at the Oklahoma Aquarium. Ugh.

In the meantime, faithful readers, here's a little treat-

TheMindTaker recently taught me how to use Garage Band on my Mac and we recorded a few things. It's Gabriel on guitar and myself on flute. We are by no means professional musicians or singers but hey, it's good for a laugh! We're working on expanding our Beatles repertoire in order to play on Mass Street and earn money for day-old Jimmy John's.

Can't Buy Me Love

Across the Universe

Enjoy, and have a fabulous weekend!


kourtney said...

I LOVE your songs! I sang along, just so you know.

Themindtaker said...

Well, it should appear we have at least one fan.

Are you up to tackling "Stairway" next? I've got the guitar part down if you can learn the flute...
Or maybe we should just stick to your Beatles book. ;)

PeterAtLarge said...

Lindsey, GarageBand is fun, isn't it? I use it for my monthly online radio piece, "The Art of Outrage." I'll look forward to checking out your songs! Cheers, Peter

PeterAtLarge said...

Oh, and did I mention that George, who makes an occasional appearance in The Buddha Diaries, got his name from George Harrison--who was leaving us just as George arrived. Great song. PaL

Anonymous said...

So Lindsey in Lawrence...did you know I'm in Kansas City? You should visit!