Wednesday, August 8, 2007

On a Hill Far Away...

The day I never expected has finally arrived.

After months of walking past the Buddhas at Pier 1, fondly patting their cranial protuberances and musing over an Asian holy man becoming a decorative statement, I saw it.

That's right ladies and gentlemen- Jesus has become a photo holder. Well, not Jesus exactly, more like that torture instrument he was killed upon- a cross.

I can't seem to grab a picture of it to put up here, but trust me on the fact that Pier 1 now sells a cross which you can proudly display your family photos on. Ugh.

I will never understand why it is Christians choose to wear cross jewelry, to display it in their homes. To quote on of my favorite books about the Bible "The Pocket Guide to the Bible" by Jason Boyett "50 Cent's diamond-encrusted platinum cross necklace, while undoubtedly blingy, is about as classy as a rhinestone-studded electric chair swinging from a gold chain.

While I recognize the sacrifice of a death on the cross, I don't think it should be turned into a fashion statement. Ah but these are just some frustrating thoughts I can't flesh out quite yet.

Instead, I turn my attention back to my glass of wine and some oreo pudding. Life is good.


Themindtaker said...

Protestants have always loved to wear their rhinestone-studded electric chairs around their necks, but we Catholics actually wear ours with a tiny charred Jesus sitting dead and crispy still in the electric chair. Rather terrifying, isn't it?

I think we Americans like to buy the little Buddha statues because they're "exotic" and maybe having an Asian holy man in our house makes us feel a tad more cosmopolitan even when we still turn on the American-slanted evening news and slowly chant "U S A! U S A!".

But I'd say the worst Christian product I've ever seen is the Passion of the Christ jewelry, where you can wear the very nails driven into Jesus hands and feet around your neck. Check it out here -->
That's just creepy. Thanks Mel.

Themindtaker said...

Hmm, i was going to read your new post, but it already seems to have disappeared...

So in lieu of that, I'll just say I like the photograph you changed your profile picture to. Hooray for Wal Mart b&w photo developing.