Thursday, February 21, 2008


Sooo...Day 2 of this silly apple fast that I decided would be an excellent idea and I'm about ready to gnaw my own arm off for some protein, not to mention the caffeine headache.

Who ever said that I don't have any discipline, was probably right. ;-)

Classes were canceled today (thank you snow!) so I took the opportunity to clean out my closets/drawers and donate clothes I don't wear and clean the whole rest of my apartment as well. It feels so nice to get rid of the clutter, all the junk I don't need and all the crap that's holding me back from breathing easier in my apartment.

I'm going to have my spring cleaning done long before spring even gets here.

I was going to go somewhere with this post, but I changed my mind...
So let me just say I hope you're happy and warm, where ever you are!


stephanie said...

see, i've done the massive cleanout and still am not happy so what am i doing? moving to a bigger place. that's my form of late spring cleaning :)

Themindtaker said...

Whoops. Wouldn't you know it, I was just about to start asking if anyone wanted to make a trip to Good Will with me for that very purpose (gotta keep my "one load lifestyle" don'tcha know). :)