Monday, February 25, 2008

Open Hands

My weekend turned into a bit of a strange adventure full of rule breaking, snow driving, girl talk and "mom" hugs.

I think I've always taken the presence of my girlfriends for granted. So thank you to Kassie and Kourtney, Rachel and Veronica, Stephanie and Kat for being there for me. Let's not wait until things like this happen, I love hanging out with you all (especially for happier reasons).

Church on Sunday was a welcome respite. My understanding of God and religion may be different than the people sitting next to me, but for me it is a wonderful experience to break bread and share concerns with the community that has played a huge role in me becoming who I am today. It is a great way to step both outside of and into myself for an hour- tapping into something bigger than myself while taking time to restore my inner sense of peace through songs and silent prayers. And honestly, more than anything, I needed those mom hugs. :-)

This Sunday was particularly unique, as our youth minister Gabe and his wife Patti shared the story of their mission trip to Costa Rica. Seeing their pictures and hearing their stories reawakened that huge part of me that can't wait to travel the world and encounter other cultures. Maybe it will be the Peace Corps, maybe Disciples World Missions, Habitat for Humanity...who knows? I want to experience the global community.

The most important part of Patti and Gabe's presentation was the idea of a mission trip versus a people to people "pilgrimage". When we go on mission trip we come with our hands full, thinking about all the things we have to give these people, how much we can do for them. But then, when our hands are empty we are able to learn from the people we interact with. It is that hands open interaction that benefits both parties the most. It's that hands open sort of interaction that I desire.

Change seems to be in the air and I'm holding my breath. I'll let you know when I exhale.

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