Tuesday, February 19, 2008

This I Believe pt. 2

Given that I'm a little emotionally drained right now, I've decided to do another exciting installment of my "Lindsey tries to be honest with herself and everyone else about what she actually believes about said topic" blog entry. I bet you're excited. ;-)

I took "The Politics Test" on OkCupid.com earlier today (the results are below), so I thought I might as well comment on that.

As it turns out I'm a "Strong Democrat", which is strange to me because the last 3 times I've taken this test (different times in high school and undergrad) my results have been more in the Centrist area of the grid. Apparently I was feeling a little more generous with my tax dollars (and yours!) today. ;-)

Technically I'm a registered independent, but right now I feel the country is so much in need of a change that I will be voting Democrat this November instead of throwing my vote away for a green party or libertarian candidate. From what I can see, John McCain is just George Bush without the funny accent, and obviously Dubba hasn't worked out so well these past 8 years.

I want to vote for Hillary, I really do. I think the US is ready for a woman president, however I'm not so sure the world is. Given the current global attitudes towards our country I think we need a great diplomat for a president, someone who can reach out to even those countries who are our "enemies". Unfortunately that will have to be a man. Barack the vote...eh Nate?

One thing that I do know is that I refuse to be a one-issue voter. I will vote for who ever I feel will be the best all around leader, the individual that will take the country in the best direction. If that means that I have to vote for someone who is anti-choice, but will pull us out of Iraq, fix the economy, help the environment, give us universal health care and better education, you'd better believe I will.

I'm also rather Marxist in my feelings towards church and state. Religious beliefs are a very private thing that needs to be kept in the private realm. They shouldn't be an issue in which candidate I vote for, unless I'm concerned that their personal beliefs will interfere with their ability to lead the country. I don't think churches should endorse (or campaign against) candidates or bills, I think the individuals members should choose based on their own personal beliefs.

But perhaps we're so overwhelmed with the anxiety of choice and change that it's just easier to let someone else tell you what to do.

Summing up: I'm an independent who will vote for whoever I feel will bring the most positive change and will lead the country in a productive, healthy direction. Separation of church and state is a must. The private sector and the public sector do not need to directly influence one another. Um, Barack in '08!

And Lindsey for philosopher-king in 2020! Ha!

You are a

Social Moderate
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Economic Liberal
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You are best described as a:

Strong Democrat (16e/55s)

Link: The Politics Test on Ok Cupid
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Themindtaker said...

I wish I could support Hillary too, but I think-- leadership aside-- too many Americans irrationally hate her (simply for being a "bitch," as my republican friends like to put it). With that kind of animosity towards our leader, I don't expect much would get accomplished.

At this point I have absolutely no faith in Bush's leadership (because of his record in office), but if Hillary went in fresh with 50% of the country thinking she's a "bitch" just because she rubs them the wrong way (or because she challenges our patriarchal system), I shudder to think how long it would take for anyone to agree on an exit strategy to get our kids home safe and sound-- and stop exacerbating things in the Middle East.

The Iraq war has quickly become the United States' most embarrassing failure since Viet Nam (though Iran-Contra also springs to mind), so voting for someone who opposed the war from the very beginning (like myself and surely millions of peaceable Americans out there) would be an incredible step forward, and possibly one of the best diplomatic moves for us. Remember the old slogan? "Regime change begins at home."

But for a good chuckle, check out McCain's "eloquent but empty call for change" speech. I laughed so hard my stomach hurt. One things's for sure: if McCain gets elected, I'm staying in Japan as looooong as JET will let me.

kayla bradshaw said...

LZ, could you update more often... I get really bored at work.


Nate said...

Maybe it is just because I am a business student so I read The 'Journal more than the NY Times- but I think the biggest issue that voters will care about is the economy.

If the threat / signs of the recession increase before the general election then I think it will be the biggest issue that voters will want an answer for; (since we know that the situation in Iraq will be changed regardless and health care/ social security will be on both candidates minds [Barack because he cares about the welfare of our citizens; McCain because he's on it] and I'm not sure how Barack will handle it.

I agree with pretty much everything the man says, but he's not exactly the economy's choice, ya know? I think that's pretty sad because he has so many great ideas to change everything else (education, foreign policy, etc.) but he'll run in to trouble if voters care more about their savings accounts than their childrens' future.

I hope it doesn't come down to one issue like the economy, or immigration, or Iraq, because a president can only do so much. I agree with you on the point of separation of church and state, though. Not only do I not want the government dictating anything about my religious views, but it doesn't matter what the president thinks- he can't institute laws without Congress, etc. et. al.

People dog on him for being some great orator without any real substance, or lacking a record, but who cares. I think what our country needs right now is change...and hope. A unified hope for change to our country both domestically and foreign. So let's Barack the vote. What's the worst that could happen?

Andy said...

Sadly, Hil did not make it...