Sunday, May 6, 2007

We interupt your regularly scheduled programing...

I tried to grow up too fast.
I realized this while I was driving this afternoon- windows down, blasting RENT. I haven't belted out show tunes in way too long.
"La Vie Boheme" was a great surprise waiting for me when I got back in my car. :-)

When I was 19 I desperately wanted to be 25...I was too good for all that college stuff.

Now that I'm 22, I desperately want to be 19 (well, with a fake ID).

Ironic that my last two nights as a student at Drury I actually have fun and realize what college should have been all about. I've missed out on some pretty amazing people by being "too good".

I guess I still have Thursday and Friday night...and hell, it would be perfectly "college" to show up to commencement hung-over right? ;-)

Oh man...maybe the joy really is in the journey.
This moment is a beautiful moment. :-D

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Themindtaker said...

That picture makes my heart smile so big that it has to elbow wrestle with my lungs for space in my chest! :)
I can only imagine what exactly you're feeling right now, still having a year of college to go myself...
I'm sort of reminded of some Blind Melon lyrics:

"Hey I'd like to daze away to a
Place like no one has known.
In a state of mind I could call mine
That only I could own
Where I could hum a tune anytime I choose,
and then there is no such thing as time
Where I can feel no pain just calm and sane
What a place for one to find.

And I only wanted to be 16 and free."

Maybe it wasn't all that applicable, but that last line 'I only wanted to be 16' popped into my head when I read your entry.

Congratulations on surviving. ;)