Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Stream of Conciousness at the Dentist

(As close to the actual thought process that went on in my head during my dentist appointment today as written word can get...)

If I can be mindful here, I can be mindful anywhere.

Deep breath. Pain is just a reminder I'm alive. I won't find my cave...I won't slip away...I'm here...

OH MY GOODNESS IS THAT BLOOD?? I'm bleeding all over her gloves!

Breathe. Blood is just a part of being human. I'm human, I'm connected to all those humans around me. Life is good and we are all just....Drool.

I just drooled all over myself thanks to her poor skills with the sucker. It's okay she's only human. I am she as she is me as you are me and we are all...Drool. One more time and I'm going to spit on her. She should be glad I don't have rabies.

I can feel my heart beating in my mouth. Just breathe and listen to the sound of my heart beat reminding me what a miracle it is that every day I wake up and breathe and....Drool.

Sometimes mindfulness is over-rated.


Eli said...

I don't think I've ever heard of anyone trying to meditate in a dentist's office! This is like weird beat poetry or something...

Cardozo said...


Themindtaker said...

My favorite part is "I am she as she is me as you are me and we are all...Drool." :)

I think I heard muzak Beatles in a Dentists office back in Iowa once. Scary.