Saturday, July 7, 2007

Photo Blog- A Moment of Zen

I spent this past week in Salem, MO visiting Mark and his family at their new home. On Thursday we made a trek down to a place in the Mark Twain National Forest south of Salem to check out a cave. We didn't quite make it to the cave, be we discovered the beauty of a place called Round Spring. Allow me to share it with you...

Pictures never really do places was breathtaking.

Mark takes a moment to breathe.

Lindsey takes a moment to interrupt that breath. Hey look! It's the Buddha!

And, left over from the fourth of's a firework!


Themindtaker said...

Such beautiful blue water.
Truly stunning photographs.

I just hope it was a tranquil as it appears. :)

khengsiong said...

Hey, no bugs out there disturbing you?

I wish to meditate in the woods too, but there are too many mosquitoes here :(

Nice photos. Thanks for sharing.