Thursday, July 26, 2007

Eat, Drink and Get Married

(Side thought as I sit down to write this entry- One of the reasons I enjoy having my own place is because I can sit here and eat tuna straight out of the package and no one will complain...mmmm... )

This past weekend my cousin Laura got married.
This past weekend, with Mark by my side, I ate way too much good food, drove way too much, drank way too much coffee and had way too much fun.

The best part, at least for me, was being able to dance at Laura and Adam's reception. I think if I were an Islamic mystic, I would definitely be a whirling dervish. I love dancing. I didn't say I could dance, I said I love dancing. It's such a pure expression of joy and happiness and when I'm dancing I can lose myself in the music and movement. It is probably the closest to no-mind little Miss Monkey-Mind here can achieve.

Mark was a great sport and managed to keep up with me, even after hours of fake swing dancing, "Hey let's dance like Anna and the King", "Dip me!" "Ooo ooo! The robot!" and an attempt at the Bunny Hop with Allie and Nate. Oh man...people should get married and invite me to their weddings more often. :-)

I've been pretty bad at this blog thing this summer, but I feel like there are only so many entries I can write about breaking stuff at Pier 1. I'm looking forward to starting my classes at KU in a few weeks so I'll have much more interesting new things to discuss! In the meantime, I'll be holding dance parties in my apartment in order to commune with the Divine.

Aaaand as my grand finale- A horrible picture of the two of us, probably two hours into the crazy dance party. Mark might be yawning...and I might be a little buzzed. Life is good.


kourtney said...

Thanks for the compliment!
Dancing is always so fun, but I must admit it is much more fun when you have someone to dance with. ;-) We should hang out again soon. Sorry again for the awkward facebook message tonight!

Themindtaker said...

Okay so last week you danced your heart out at a wedding and I danced my heart out at a hippie festival (and as you know, I too don't claim to be able to dance-- I just do it).

We should definitely compare crazy dancing notes for other weddings and hippie fests down the line.

Eli said...

You have a really interesting life, and you are a very entertaining writer!

Themindtaker said...

Perhaps moderation is key, but what fun is life without a few naked walks?

Oh, my particular brand of moderation definitely allows for some nude perambulation... just as long as it's not every day. I don't want to get arrested (... at least, not for something as lame as public indecency). ;)