Tuesday, July 17, 2007

The Pier 1 Pirate Has Scurvy

Not really...but that just sounds so much more exciting than having heat exhaustion and really bad allergies oh and a touch of grumpiness.

I'm back from camp, I survived and I had a great time!
I'm bug-bitten and sunburnt, but for those kids...it was worth it.

I promise to blog about it soon, but I want to sit down and actually think it through. The transition has been a bit much to handle- going from chasing 8th graders around and then back to the crazy world of Pier 1.

I realized I needed a moment to think and process everything that happened.
I realized this as I awoke from my allergy drug-induced walking coma 12' in the air with a dining chair over my head.
I realized this as I broke some really pretty martini glasses

I need to slow down.
So, dear readers, allow me to take a breath and I will soon regale you with tales of eyeliner, 30 minute relationships, devil children, cheating and killer mosquitoes that you are anxiously awaiting.

PS: Guess who the new assistant manager in training is at Pier 1? Oh yes, that would be me. :-)
It's nice to finally feel appreciated!


stephanie said...

congrats! we need coffee break it up and discuss our latest endeavors, working and otherwise (can we say once again group sales and newly education programs?)

kourtney said...

congratulations on the promotion and the nice raise that I'm sure goes with it :)

We should hang out again soonish!