Tuesday, December 18, 2007

A Shot at Celebrity

So as hard as this is to admit and still maintain my dignity, I've been watching, nay, HOOKED on "A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila".

For those of you over the age of 25, or those of you who have been living under a rock, Tila Tequila is "famous" for her presence on Myspace. She has like a million friends and a couple horrible songs and now this reality show.

In the first episode we find out that Tila is bisexual. She had 16 guys and 16 girls to pick from in the very beginning and narrowed it down to only two- Dani and Bobby. (Dani's the girl...on the left.) There were all sorts of characters on the show, all sorts of crazy drama and fighting and drunkenness and stripper poles and what have you... but as silly and smutty as it sounds, it was addicting.

Who would she pick? A guy? A girl? The drama kept me tunning in every week, and honestly I found myself routing for the girls. For a female to come out on national television and say "Yes, I'm a lesbian" is very courageous. The girls seemed the most genuine and caring, whereas the guys reminded me of every other jerk every other girl has ever dated.

Fast-forward through the cross-dressing, animal parts eating and chocolate pudding to tonight's finale- Who will Tila pick... Bobby or Dani?

After some smoochy scenes, "I love you"s and a few flashbacks, it's the moment of truth.

My jaw is literally dropped open as Tila takes her dear sweet time to completely crush my hopes by picking Bobby. Ugh.

I'm not doubting her "bisexuality" or who she's in love with, and I promise I won't ramble on about "reinforcing the patriarchal ideal"...it's just...come on! Dani was so real, so nice, and so loving! She knows who she is and what she wants! Luckily there wasn't anything heavy within my reach at the end of the episode.

But wait...why should I care?
What is with this trend in Reality TV voyeurism? First it was Survivor, Amazing Race, and Fear Factor, those shows I can handle. The competition is real.

But now we've made a competition out of love. I was hooked on the drama of someone else's supposed love life? I'm starting to feel a little icky for watching.

Hopefully this trend will be over sooner rather than later.
Hopefully we'll stop giving celebrity status to people just for being "Myspace whores".

Hah. Yeah. :-\


Katherine said...


A) I watched all but the last 10 minutes last night, so you ruined the ending. I knew it would happen, but I couldn't stop reading.

B) She picked Bobby?! Ugh! I read an article in the Star that said she was still with whoever she chose. But I was definitely rooting for Dani.

Oh well. Glad to see someone else got hooked into that show.

See you tomorrow.

Megan said...

I read a pretty long article in Bitch (if you haven't read it, you should completely. Love the magazine) about how its all just a show, surprise. She's had a pretty steady boyfriend the entire time and is just using the show for publicity.
So in reality, the choice was no one.
Sorry to burst your bubble.

lindsey said...

Kat- Oops...sorry. :-\

Megan- Yeah I read that too, but for me it wasn't about the "reality" (her reps are denying up and down that she has a boyfriend) but the principle of the thing.

Reality shows like this are on par with soap operas and prime time sit-coms. And I'll be throwing things again if Elliot leaves Keith for JD!

snephy said...

So you totally reminded me of the blog I was thinking of writing regarding our obession with reality shows and how in fact that thanks to those we're giving into our voyeuristic tendencies.

And yes, I agree that the final choice was not what I was hoping for or expecting. I hopefully will not allow myself to indulge in watching to potential Tila Tequila Shot at Love 2, but who knows. Esepcially with the writers strike going on with no end in sight the reality show "fad" is not going away any time soon.