Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Oh the Weather Outside is Frightful?

I'm starting to think that the Weather Channel is just as inflammatory in their stories as certain so called "news" channels. While I understand Tulsa and other areas in Oklahoma, Missouri and parts of Kansas do not have power, and tragically people have died in auto accidents related to the weather, the worst thing I encountered on my way home from Springfield today was me driving a little too fast thanks to the buzz from the crazy combination of Monster energy drink and coffee.

I wanted my final to be canceled tomorrow. Thanks for nothing Weather Channel.

In other news, I turned in my first official "big" grad. school paper. When I say big I actually mean that it was supposed to be 15 pages but mine is only 14.5 because I just couldn't B.S. any more. Long story short I think I managed to prove using Eliade and Durkheim that religion and the sacred can exist in both religion online (real world religions with a web presence) and online religion (religions based exclusively in the cyber world)...more specifically in Second Life. Woohoo.
I'm ready for winter break.

I'm starting to think my thesis work will be over religion and popular culture to some extent, I just don't know what yet.

Tomorrow is my only final exam and once that's done I'm taking myself to the public library to get some books that I want to read... I couldn't be more excited!

Good-bye Second Life...it was fun while it lasted.


Mark said...

Lindsey Dayafter will miss you! You can tell she already looks lonely in that picture.

PeterAtLarge said...

Sorry, I missed something. What happened to Second Life? Have a great vacation. (When you get to the library, one of my favorite books this year was "The Glass Castle" by Jeanette Walls. A terrific read)

Andrew Algren said...

Congrats on finishing up finals! Sadly, the Belgian Red is not available anywhere near here. However, there is a chance that at least Chris and I will make a road trip to acquire several cases from Wisconsin.

Fraz said...

I'd like you to know that I have a deep and personal rage against you for your lack of compassion for those of us who have been without power for the past week. I can only now give that rage form as I only now have the necessary power to project it onto the cyber world. That is all.