Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Happy Chrismahannukwanzafestivivsolstice

(Pardon my momentary inflammatory speech)

Dear Right-wing Fundy Christian Whiners-

Please shut up.

Thanks and blessings!

Lindsey in Lawrence

You have absolutely no right to complain that we have completely removed Jesus from the Christmas season, as I am pretty sure I was forced to endure a techno-remix of "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen" while shopping at Victoria's Secret.

Jesus and underwear don't mix....give me Madonna's "Santa Baby" any day. Maaaybe I'll just put those back (kidding...kidding)!

However I will stick to "Happy Holidays" when greeting people around this time of the year, not out of lack of reverence for the season or fear of offending, but because I think Jesus would like us to celebrate his *ahem* "birthday" by loving one another and being inclusive.


stephanie said...

thank you and well stated.

now if you don't mind me i'm going to go put up my completely consumer-esque pink pre-illuminated "holiday" tree.

and on a completely different note, i just had to share the word verification word of choice today: vjhnap

Themindtaker said...

Nonetheless, as a politically incorrect young lad back in my luggage store days, I used to say "merry christmas" to people this time of year and 9 times out of 10 I would receive a large smile and a very "merry christmas" back from them as if they had never even heard the word "christmas" before in their lives.

So what's my point? I really don't have one, because technically I agree with you about inclusiveness...

...though I think the people we should go after are the ones actually making money off of that techno-Merry-Gentlemen song. They're the ones killing the holiday season. :)

Eli said...

Jesus didn't wear underwear? Yeah, I can't remember what book that's in... :P

You've got good thoughts up there. Happy Holidays!

Christian said...

Since all humanity is created in God's image, we should love everyone (as hard as that may be sometimes), and therefore we should also be all-inclusive. Unfortunately, more and more, some try to force others to be all-inclusive by taking away their freedom of expression - which is plain wrong.

When I greet people with "Merry Christmas", their surprise, followed by joy, is proof enough for me that many people already feel oppressed. People are uncomfortable saying "merry Christmas" in public, even embarrassed.

To be honest, the all-encompassing "happy holidays" is just bland and takes away from people's diversity. I'd much rather go out on the streets and hear one person say, "merry Christmas!" another, "happy hannuka!" (sp?) ect. I love my faith and Christmas, and I want to share the joy it brings me with others. If this causes others to feel left out they should join the celebration, or try to appreciate my joyful greeting, not try to shush me up.